Victorian style combined with modern day comfort in Wimbledon.

This Victorian house is situated moments from Wimbledon Village and Wimbledon Park. Wimbledon is the principal business hub of the London Borough of Merton and is located in Southwest London. The High Street is the reconstruction of the original medieval village, and the “town” initially gradually evolved with the construction of the railway station in 1838. The residential and retail area is divided into two areas known as the “village” and the “town.”

Victorian home

Fantastic entertainment space is provided by the Victorian home’s high-end kitchen, big floor-to-ceiling sliding doors opening to a generous private garden, and off-street parking.

In this cosy bathroom, we’ve kept everything light, white and neutral. Here we’ve updated and installed a new shower, tile, sinks, vanities, toilets, flooring, and even towel bars. We’ve installed a Granite worktop at the basin, updated the tiles using the subway design, and added a featured dark oaky wood piece for added texture.

To finish off our remodel of this bathroom we’ve added a silver disk faucet, to give this bathroom its modern flair. We kept it easy and convenient and clean by installing a dark shade of tile to compliment the rustic bathroom theme.

Compact kitchen

A compact kitchen stove that combines traditional and modern design elements to meet the needs of families with different generations living together. It has gas burners on top and an oven and grill on the bottom. The large windows, which maximize sunshine, create the feeling that the kitchen is larger, brighter, and more welcoming. They also make the color scheme more vibrant.The modern, teal coloured cabinets,  in this modern kitchen include a built in wine rack. The door handles of the kitchen cupboards are classic  last century style with some open shelving for display.

Colourful floors

Household surfaces are given a lot of individuality by vibrant colours and dynamic designs. The in-vogue tile has a bold personality, vibrant colour, and intriguing patterns. The impact of the lighting system itself at night is equal to that produced by the aesthetics of the light fixtures during the day.

Half door

Large sliding windows to let in light and air. a double door that may be used as both a door and an open window. The large clock serves as a visual connection to the historic London neighbourhood. By placing cabinetry in the corner, the Moroccan-style tiled hallway connecting the kitchen and bathroom makes efficient use of available space. The old cast iron radiator, which has been transformed into a miniature exhibition, is also a striking feature.

Purpose and luxury

The toilet has a traditional Victorian design and the big shower gives the bathroom more purpose and a touch of luxury. The bathroom receives natural light from its windows and glass door. Thanks to its placement, the shower becomes a separate room that doesn’t clutter up the bathroom or impede traffic flow. A gorgeous solid oak bathroom cabinet provides storage compartments for all bathroom accessories. The mat tiles are installed with dark grout that contrasts with the white tiles, which facilitates easier cleaning in the future. Extra storage adjacent to the toilet and a small alcove inside the shower are two examples of the bathroom’s creative use of space. The top of the basin is marble.