Two mirror image loft apartments get the same make-over

This project is called Beverley House in Beckenham. It’s 2 new lofts as the roof came off totally and we built 2 lofts on top and then put a new roof back on.

Loft conversion

A loft conversion of two identical houses (mirror images) that were both renovated at the same time, in the same style and with the same solutions for the slanted ceilings.

Functional kitchen

To create a cooking place that is simple to use and enjoyable to cook in and socialise in, the efficient kitchen design blends layout, surfaces, appliances, and design elements, assuring a functional and practical kitchen area.

Welcoming rooms

The rooms are made to feel spacious and welcoming, and the white walls, trim, and ceiling maximize storage and allow for the arrangement of cherished belongings.

Luxurious feel

This bathroom has enough space for a separate tub and shower. The enormous soaking tub serves as the room’s focal point and gives it a luxurious feel. This design is both lovely and useful, and the window adjacent to the soaking tub adds a lot of natural light.

Convenient laundry

There is enough room for laundry equipment installation without making the area appear crowded or undersized. The washer and dryer have been positioned next to one another, and a granite top above creates counter space, making it easy to keep clothes fresh and clean.