Allowing natural light to penetrate deeply into the basement with clever use of glass.

This Cambridge Road is in Battersea close to Clapham. It is very close to Battersea Park where you can walk along the river Thames. Nestled in this quiet and friendly neighbourhood is one of the many improved homes.

Indoor-outdoor flow

The custom-built breakfast nook looks directly out onto the lush, green, and peaceful back garden, boasting indoor-outdoor energy. A gorgeous concertina door (fold-a-side) that allows opening the interior of the home to its outdoor surrounds creates a seamless indoor-outdoor flow. The bright skylight, allows natural light to play through the dining space.

The living space features big and bright skylights, allowing natural light to play through the dining space, our custom-built breakfast/dining nook looks straight out onto the lush green, serene, and tranquil back garden through a gorgeous concertina door (fold-a-side).

Maximising space and light

Brilliant positioning of a glass balustrade

Peaceful bedroom

Painting the ceiling, walls, and trim all the same bright white gives the room a vast appearance, and the calming color may aid in promoting rest and sleep. A peaceful and inviting bedroom retreat is created with minimalist furniture. The smart bedroom lighting revitalizes the sleeping area and smoothly combines ambient, decorative, and task lighting.

Garden and landscape

The building settings are improved by the garden and landscape design, and the plants’ ongoing cycles of growth and change add a continuous time dimension. The design of the living area is stunning. The lively furniture colors give the room a happy vitality that awakens the senses and inspires creativity with just one glance. The rooms have a more mature, sophisticated appearance thanks to the earthier or more subdued colors.

Inviting study room

The study wall is lined with bookshelves to give the space a library-like appearance, while the books provide culture and intellect. Focusing without interruption is made simpler by the straightforward décor, relaxing hues, and few accents. An inviting atmosphere is created at night by balanced illumination that lessens eye fatigue.

Dual purpose

Staircases are both hospitable and useful, serving a dual role. The design of the staircase is crucial in preserving the aesthetic appeal of the entire property. A glass plate that has been put to the kitchen’s perimeter allows ample natural light to enter the room. You will run into this glass ball that shows a view of the stairs as you pass through the sliding door from the yard all the way to the kitchen. The staircase is entirely glass on the side and includes under-stair lighting.

Space capitalisation

In the basement conversion, there is a sizable glass window outside that allows you to essentially look straight into the home from the garden in order to bring the light into the basement.  In order to capitalise on more space you can either rent out the basement or use it for own needs.